Cottage gardens in Osterfingen

The community of Wilchingen-Osterfingen in the canton of Schaffhausen began the Garden Path in 2005 with a view to promoting the traditional Schaffhausen culture of cottage gardens. So far the idea attracts about 30 garden owners every year, all of whom make an active contribution to the project by carrying out maintenance, care and even restoration work. The kitchen, ornamental and back gardens add to the appeal of the village and boost tourism. The hard work and creativity that go into these gardens is reflected in the beauty of the village and bestow a special charm on the area. The Garden Path continues the long and widespread tradition of cottage gardens. The basic structure of cottage gardens in Switzerland has changed very little over the centuries. They adjoin houses and farm buildings and they accommodate both useful and ornamental plants on a relatively small area of land. For example, vegetables, herbs and berries might be grown next to flowers, shrubs and bushes. Just as in Osterfingen, many places attach great importance to the aesthetics of these gardens.

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