Glarus choirs and orchestras

Over the last two centuries, a great number of choirs and orchestras have established a rich musical tradition in the canton of Glarus. Buoyed by the strong musical interest of the population, these groups offer a huge range of styles including brass bands, folk music, classical music, gospel and pop. At first glance the individual groups may not appear to be anything out of the ordinary, but the alpine background of the canton and its industrial history make the number of local musicians, and particularly their high quality, extremely remarkable. Cultural life in Glarus has been shaped by the numerous conductors, composers and music teachers that come from local musical families.

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Sabine Krieg and the Glarner Unterland Zither Group: Roselischottisch. Recorded in September 2011.

Sabine Krieg and the Glarner Unterland Zither Group: Dr alt Chirezer. Recorded in September 2011.


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Glarner Kantonal Gesangverein

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