Roof covering and repairs

Stone roofs are a typical feature of the traditional architecture found in the Sopraceneri region and the northernmost part of the Lugano district, where their use was encouraged by plentiful gneiss deposits. The heavy tiles, generally known as "piode", differ in size and thickness. Craftsmen who go by the dialect name of "teciatt" cover and repair these roofs by hand. They learn their trade on the job from their older and more experienced colleagues. The stone tiles are broken into shape with a hammer and laid on the sturdy roof beams without any fastening. Even today, restoring stone roofs is a highly skilled craft. Each one is different, so the roofer must always decide which steps must be taken and which kind of stone is most suitable. Repairs on old roofs are carried out by specialised roofers and sometimes by self-taught amateurs who mainly practise the craft in their spare time.

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